Why Effective SEO Takes Time


To Rank On Google Takes Time. SEO in the past used to be easy. That’s right. Everyone was doing it and ranking a Brisbane business was a matter of throwing a few links together, pointing it to your site and hey presto! You were on page 1. Brisbane businesses loved it!
Now that’s a very very distant memory. Google has clamped down so hard on these kind of practices that link building and anything remotely spammy has put the fear of god into all decent SEO companies. Three words have ended what was considered an easy way to position a website on Google; Penguin, Panda & Hummingbird.

These adorable animals, are in fact names given to each massive Google algorithm update. As each animal roll out update occurred, millions of websites across the internet lost their rankings over night.

What happened?

Well, they got penalized due to crappy, irrelevant web content as well as poor and ineffective  back linking practices. Most of these penalized sites employed SEO companies, who in an attempt to prove and show how good they were, ignored the fundamentals of search engine optimization.

Under pressure from Brisbane businesses looking to rank quickly plus under the scrutiny of greedy SEO company owners, tactics were employed to get web rankings quickly. In fact, I here stories of websites that were just built achieving page 1 status within a coupe of weeks. Anything and everything was employed to give these sites a push along; keyword stuffing, over optimization, link farming, article syndication and paid links. You could even buy a few hundred links for $50 online. This kind of insanity went on for years, until the engineers at Google put a complete stop to this.
Nowadays, if your website is going to rank, you gotta play by a different rule book. That is, providing interesting unique content that readers are going to love and in turn link to. This is the only way a site is ever going to rank. The more natural in bound linking patterns that exist, the better off you are going to be.

In short, you can forget about FAST, QUICK + SPEEDY rankings.

This is a good thing. It encourages business owners to take a good hard look at their website, their internet marketing and put real effort into what they are publishing.
Google has finally cleaned up the internet and eliminated those horrid, over spammy websites that are absolutely atrocious and not worth reading. Good quality, high value content is what its all about. So read on and I will explain what you should be doing.

Love Blogging and if your Don’t Learn to Love It.

The easiest way to get content online is through a BLOG. Before you start rolling your eyes and thinking that this is all to hard and you want to throw in the towel. Remember, it’s your business and if you want it to succeed via a better online position, you better start embracing the following 4 letters: B L O G.

If you can write just 1 small blog article per week and do it with honest passion, you will see the rewards. Writing from the heart as I do, with relevant stories, news items, or something industry related will not only attract an audience, and get you to focus on your business, but these WILL RANK!

A point to note here – the more you write the easier it becomes, so on and so forth. Trust me on this, I couldn’t stand blogging. I used to hate the whole idea of it. But the more I wrote and practiced, the better I became and guess what?

I actually enjoy it now. Blogging also has the advantage of driving visitors to your site and will, if written well convert these browsers into buyers.

If you really believe that this is beyond your capabilities or you simply do not have the time, speak with a copy writer and plan out your campaign strategy.

As stated previously, all this takes time and this is the intention behind Google’s ranking philosophy; you put in the effort and the bounty will follow.

Think Social Media – its not just for the kids.

You see your kinds living on Facebook, you see celebrities and politicians Tweeting daily, but you don’t get the connection how these platforms can help your business. Whilst, the may not be directly related to SEO, social media will over the long term, bring visitors to your website. Whilst blogging is more of an effort and a once a week activity, posting updates should be done as often as you can.

Look at the way Instagram has taken off and how the business community has flocked to it. These platforms are easy to use and whilst you may be shrugging your shoulders and breaking out in a sweat; once you get the hang of it, you will see the real value that they can make to your business.

Have a long term goal in mind with your social media. Set realistic targets; like you want to get 10 new followers per week on Instagram, or you are aiming for 5 new ‘likes’ per week on Facebook. Keep at it, don’t be discouraged and you will over; 3, 6 and even 12 months see a real difference in your customer base.

Understanding that SEO is NOT A QUICK SOLUTION is the best strategy

Brisbane and Queensland business owners should come to an understanding that SEO is no longer the art is used to be.

A ‘get me to page 1 in 60 days’ attitude just doesn’t work any more. Yes, it is going to drive revenues through more inquires, but to be an authority and actually deserve this position, is a reward that you have to earn. You have to put the hard yards in, do the work and this does take time.

If you are the impatient type and feel that all this sounds too hard and you need to get your name, brand or product in front of the public now, then try Adwords. You can have your adwords campaign up and going in a couple of hours. This can also be a useful marketing tactic whilst you are waiting for your SEO to kick in.

Be very aware of time frames. If you are intending to launch a new website have a realistic figure in your mind about timings.

Anything less than 3-6 months is being wishful.

Google is almost human in it’s ability to decipher the truth. their ranking methods are truly extraordinary.

So if they can detect any inorganic or ‘try to hard to rank’ efforts on your website, especially in a short period of time, you will pay a heavy price for this.