Why are my Google rankings going nowhere?

google_rankWhat a common question and believe it or not, probably the most common question I am asked. Brisbane businesses are continually asking me why their Google rankings are going no where and to be perfectly honest there are many answers to this problem. Following are in my opinion some of the main reasons why many businesses can’t seem to get to page 1 of Google and why their online rankings continue to perform really badly.

Probably the worst thing for any business is to use or engage the services of those cheap SEO agencies that promise miracles and deliver absolutely nothing. For companies looking to save a few dollars on their marketing this is the perfect area where money can be clawed back and spent elsewhere. The only major issue with this is that those SEO players offering bargain prices are EXACTLY the type of agencies that are going to hinder your growth online.

Seriously, there are literally hundreds of SEO companies begging for your business. They email you, they call you up, they spam you constantly and are in your face looking to get in the front door of your business. They seem very polite and knowledgeable when you speak with them and are happy to throw a few legitimate testimonials your way. The issue is that all this is utter crap and a total waste of your time, money and worst of all, potential new business.

This is without doubt the main reason why your Google ranking is going no where. The writing is on the wall and you should be able to see this clearly. Why on earth would you expect any kind of positive results when you are not only dealing with a stranger but also trusting your entire online marketing with someone who you have never met and is charging you a nominal fee. WAKE UP BRISBANE PEOPLE! This is a total con job and they are ripping you off blindly – without any remorse or conscience.

If you are wondering why your rankings have never moved and in some cases going backwards ask yourself these questions. What is my business niche and how competitive is this area online?

If your business is highly competitive and there is a multitude of businesses looking to out do each other online then it should be obvious to you that you are going to have to spend a realistic amount of money to rank anywhere close to these businesses.

Sitting on page 4 or 5 of Google is simply not going to work for you and this is what will happen when you are only prepared to part with a couple of hundred dollars.

If you are a new start up and don’t have the funds available to compete online and begin a legitimate SEO campaign, then I recommend that its better to do nothing than commit to one of these dodgy, low cost SEO providors. Giving them your business only adds to the problem and will result in your site getting penalised. So in short if you have a tight budget do nothing to begin with.

Another really important reason why your site is falling behind is due to the lack of quality content. Go and look at your main landing pages and see the amount of text you have on these pages. Are they thin on content and are there only a few paragraphs cobbled together in an ad hoc manner? If this is the case then you need to be looking at adding a substantial amount of content to your websites pages. And I am not referring to the home page only. Each and every individual page within your website needs unique, quality, well written copy if its ever going to rank.
Google’s algorithm is designed to pick up on great worthwhile content and reward these pages with better rankings. Relying only on back linking IS NOT a good idea and is NOT the only thing that will get your site up there on the search engines. Look at my blogs as an example. Each one I write has over 500 words and I can assure you that I write them all myself. There is no plagiarism here. Its all my work and this is why my blog posts and web pages rank really well.

If you feel that writing copy is a bit beyond your capability then speak to us and we will organise things for you.

One other really important reason why your rankings are going no where is due to the fact that no one has looked at your website, conducted an audit and implemented the necessary amends to make the site more Google compliant.

I am still amazed by the number of people I speak to who have been loyal to an SEO company for many years and their on page SEO sucks. They call me up complaining that their rankings have not moved in 6 months and when I look at their website I see glaring issues that have never been addressed or fixed. What the hell has their SEO company doing for the past couple of years? My answer to them is nothing. They have been taking you for a ride and slowly bleeding you dry of money.

Google places a lot of value on what is actually on your website and if this is not looked at by professionals, then no matter what you do, you WILL NEVER RANK – this is a promise.
So all you Brisbane businesses looking to make it big online, why not give us a call here on 1800 916 191 and we will get you to page 1 of Google. Try us out and you will see a MASSIVE difference in your rankings very quickly!