What an SEO Guarantee Really Means.

results_guaranteedIf an SEO company is prepared to offer you a guaranteed ranking, they are actually offering you something that is virtually impossible to achieve. In fact let’s call it for what it really is, its a phoney scam that is designed to make you think that you are going to rank on Google and this is all backed up by their ‘so called’ guarantee. It’s so fine tuned that most people, who are even very business savvy fall for this. And boy do they fall hard.In truth a SEO guarantee is not worth the paper it’s written on and I urge all people who have been offered a SEO guarantee to walk away

Guarantees in the SEO space are a ‘fools paradise’. Sure it might sound great and if you think it is achievable and you tell yourself over and over again that this can happen, then it just might.

Well guess what?

You are wrong. I hate to break it to you and shatter the illusion of guaranteed rankings. But there is absolutely no such thing as a guaranteed ranking. If it was then Google would be out of business as everyone would be ranking on page 1.

SEO companies looking for suckers are going to promise this to you in the hope that your naivety in this field will not have you questioning this further. If you scratch the surface ever so slightly you will actually see what a con this is.

How on earth can a SEO company with zero ties to Google say that they can guarantee rankings, when Google is changing the ranking landscape daily?

No SEO company is that good – I can promise you that!

Yes they might be able to get one of your NON competitive keywords near the top but lets see how they go with your core ( and in many cases competitive ) search terms. I can’t happen, it doesn’t happen and it will never happen! This guarantee of ranking OR EVEN worse, a no pay fee unless they rank your site is even more dangerous – I mean what spammy non compliant methods are these guys going to employ to rank you? WAKE UP EVERYONE – this is a common rip off scam and it is affecting far too many well intention businesses.

What they should be telling you is that whilst they cannot guarantee with certainty your rankings, what they can offer is constructive advice on what your website should look like and how it should perform in order for it to be very search engine compliant. Advice on this subject is only part of the SEO process and even this advice is not fully 100% guaranteed that your site will rank.

So many SEO firms are looking to get a foot hold in this very lucrative market and for this reason they will say absolutely anything to get your business. This includes guaranteed rankings. Why not offer, a guaranteed income as well?

But in all seriousness if you hear of any company making these false statements, unfortunately there is no where to go and no one you can turn to.

If, like so many businesses I come across happen to fall prey to the  guarantee, the best thing you can do is look for another provider. One who is honest, speaks the truth, tells you how it is and is not afraid to give you news ( good or bad). Candy coating results and keeping your SEO hopes up is not a good way to run a business. At SEO BRISBANE experts one reason why our clients are so successful online is cause we manage their ranking expectations and conduct our SEO campaigns in a totally compliant fashion, without the need for fraudulent guarantees.

This is why anyone touting these silly statements should be avoided at all costs. I know it may be difficult to do when the sales person you spoke to sounded so convincing AND he could back it up with really recent testimonials and dazzling statistics. But, in all honesty, these people are on extreme sales targets and you are just a number. BE VERY WARNED!

These guys have no compassion nor do they care about your business. It’s all about the bottom line and getting you to sign up with them. This is why they make the guarantee so alluring.

The scary part is that they have little or no idea about SEO themselves. These guys are trained sales people who are happy to blindly rip you off and watch your SEO rankings take a huge dive.

I have seem this happen time after time and if you think that statements like ‘ no rank no pay or money back guarantee’, means what it says, then you need to simply hang up the phone OR delete the email. I cannot emphasize this enough.

If all this rings true and you are ready to work with a proper SEO company who will tell it to you like it is and work as hard as they can to secure your page 1 position – then call us on 1800 916 191.