Want your Web Conversion Rates to Skyrocket?

You Need to Address Bounce Rates.

Conversion Rate Optimisation is the process of getting your potential customer to stay on your website and make the next desired step that you want to improve your business. Any goals that you have set out for your website and want it to achieve are all part of the conversion rate process and it could be one or many of the following, perhaps even some that are not there:

–    getting the user to fill out a form or a newsletter sign up – this is great if you are trying to expand your database.

–        Looking at some online videos that are on the website – perhaps even posting some kind of comment

–        Downloading a web tutorial or signing up for a webinar

–        Engaging with your social media platforms once they have found your website

–        Have you got a live chat function on the site and want them to type the inquiry?

–        If you have an eCommerce site the ultimate conversions the sale. That is they have landed on the website, gone through it, and made the decision to buy something.

–        Making that phone call or inquiry.

If you expect any of these web goals to be achieved and you have what is termed high bounce rates; that s they leave the page of the site that they entered on, then the chances are very slim. High bounce rates are a revenue killer and I am seeing businesses start to realise this more frequently. They are starting to wake up to the fact that having a website is just not enough. They need a site that is going to capture the user and entice them to buy. The web world is now way too competitive to ignore this and any business looking to become more successful online, needs to start making conversion rate optimisation a priority.

So here is the million dollar question, how does one go about fixing those nasty very high bounce rates?

Following are some quick easy to implement changes that you might like to ask a company like SEO Brisbane Experts to implement. Remember we are also a web agency so we can handle these small web changes in house. It’s a great solution if you are looking to keep your web and SEO all under 1 roof.


Radically look at ways to highlight those call to action buttons on the home page

Where do you go, what do you do next? Are you lost on the site, do you want to buy something and can’t find the check out? Are you wanting to speak to someone but cannot find the contact us button. All these are issues in respect to the call to action buttons and these MUST be front and centre so users can easily make the decision to move forward with their intentions on the site.

It is amazing the number of website I see that haven’t got a phone number on the top of the page. See, it’s the small things like this that can be easily fixed and can make a huge difference to site conversions.

Make sure that these call to actions are not tacky but are clean, simple, and very easy on the eye. There should be absolutely no distractions or hurdles that may block or impede a user finding these ‘hot boxes’. For example, if you have an upcoming sale for a product and want to promote this, then the call to action button for this must be clearly displayed, preferably towards the top of the page. The user will be more inclined to click on a button, if it is right in front of them at eye level when they land on the site.


A great looking website is the key to high conversion rates.

Do you ever land on a website and think: ‘how can someone have this as their website?’ How on earth do they expect people to buy from such a terrible looking website? It looks as though it was designed in the early 90’s. Aweful looking websites are going to attract these kinds of comments and similar to walking into a retail shop. If the user or customer, feels uncomfortable or they get a bad vibe they will head for the door. Same goes with your website. The key to treating loyal customers who are going to keep on coming back is to have a site that really appeals to them. Make it exciting, something a bit different, with that added pizzaz. Perhaps even give them something for returning to the site and buying from you. If you are not an eCommerce site then reward your customer loyalty with a discount on the quote. It doesn’t matter what you do here. The trick is to make the experience easy. This will reduce bounce rates very quickly and I can bet you anything that your profits will start to rise. It’s a no brainer and this is how it works.

Make Each Page Relevant

Are there many pages on your website all saying different things. Do you have many arms to your business and need a hell of a lot of content. This can be dangerous as you may be sending out mixed messages and diluting your core business. People want to land on the website and think YES this is exactly what I am after and exactly what I am looking for. If they get confused by mixed content that is off topic or you are trying to fit too many services all on 1 page then this can prove fatal for conversions. Make sure each service you offer has it’s own unique dedicated page. And make sure it is well highlighted in the navigation. Think:

–        Lawyers with many services

–        Doctors that have different procedures

–        Tradies that can offer may part to their business

–        The list is endless – but the message here is to stay ON TOPIC and keep it very RELEVANT

OK you have read this and want to do something positive about making your conversions much better then the next step is to call us here at SEO BRISBANE EXPERTS on 1800 916 191.