Travel Industry SEO, How it Really Works

Let’s be frank and upfront here; ranking a new website is not an easy job and it is a lot harder than it would appear. I’m not saying this in terms of degree of difficulty in ranking the website, but what I am referring to here is that there are 2 variables that need to be managed when implementing an SEO campaign for a brand new website. The first is managing the client’s expectations about the time it takes to rank the website and the second is the degree of caution one must take in pushing authority to the new website. Do it too fast and you will be in serious trouble with Google.

travel_industryLet me elaborate on these 2 points as these are really big key elements when it comes to any SEO campaign.

Firstly, all client’s want to rank their website as quickly as possible. It’s a given and I totally get it. They have an idea, they think it’s going to work, they get it nicely designed and they then want to take it to market as quickly as possible. They may be the first to market or they may be playing catch up, but in either case the main aim is to start pushing the website online and for this they really need to be on page 1 of Google.

Now here in lies the problem. New websites, and it doesn’t matter what industry you are in. In the particular case study that I will be referring to in this blog article, the industry niche is rent villa Canggu and the business is Bali Villa Escapes. The real issue with this niche and industry is that it is saturated by existing players who all want a chunk of the lucrative villa holiday rental accommodation market in Bali. There are literally hundreds of websites all wanting their piece of the pie and for this new website to come in and want to be a real player is going to take time. And I mean this could take anywhere from 12 – 18 months to rank the main high traffic keywords on Google. The space is competitive with existing high profile well known brands taking a lot of the market.

This unfortunately, is the reality of the online space when it comes to SEO and the main issue we have as an internet marketing company is to really manage these client expectations. They obviously want to get to market as soon as they can, but it just doesn’t work like that when you are dealing with Google and it’s ranking algorithm.

What Google wants to see is a very slow and organic build up in the websites authority and we do this through a very measured and cautious approach to our link building. The issue here is that the client is paying a decent monthly fee and the movement in their rankings is very minimal in the first say 6 months. In their mind they are paying out good money and seeing little return. It’s like how shall I put this; building a large house. One needs to set solid, strong and sturdy foundations if the house is going to stand the test of time, weather all storms and safely protect the family. This is the best analogy I can come up with and this is how SEO works. Whilst we are building the solid foundations you are not going to see much movement, but boy oh boy, once we have done this properly and have adhered to all of Google strict requirements, the rankings are going to shoot up.

Some business owners are prepared to wait and stick it out, whilst others, who are impatient, might ditch the slow and steady approach and go for the riskier heavy link building tactic. 9 times out of 10, this never works. In fact I can say with certainty, that this aggressive ranking stance will only end up with your website being noticed by Google and the end result is a penalty.

With the BVE website we have taken a really cautious and measured approach with our SEO strategy and although we are only in month 3 of the campaign, we are starting to see the green shoots of what will be some great rankings. Luckily the client fully understands the SEO process and is prepared to let us do what we do best – and that is rank their website – leaving it to us without pressuring us to push rankings is the best move they can make. They just need to wait and in the interim look at other platforms where they can promote their website like; Facebook or Instagram.
As long as they understand that SEO takes time and is a long term strategy then they will be fine.

This leads me into point number 2 and that is the way we are being very measured, judicious and careful in our technique with this new URL. In the first few months we are highly cautious with what we do. All link building and content writing is very organic. We do not and I will repeat myself here; we DO NOT want to push too hard at the beginning of the SEO campaign as the short term gains we will get will only be reversed once Google sees this type of behaviour.

I know many people who are more than happy to risk it and are pleased to see their rankings start to climb within a few weeks, but this only leads to issues. Please believe me when I tell you this and this is why all our client’s that we take on board are happy with our approach. Just give it say 4-5 more months and you will see where the Asia Holiday retreats website is. The will be starting to dominate their niche.

Why? Because we have built the firm SEO base and the rankings can now start to rise. After the say 8month mark once we have built enough authority, we are then able to push that much harder. Google sees the new website as an authoritative source based on the previous work we have done and will allow us to push other keywords.

Simply put, SEO is a waiting game and those businesses that are prepared to wait and have the fortitude (and in many cases the budget) to leave it in the hands of SEO professionals like us here at SEO BRISBANE EXPERTS will be the winners in the long term. If you are after quick sugar coated gains, then we cannot help you. We are the agency if you want seriously long term, stable Google rankings.

Quick gains in the SEO space are never sustainable. What ever you hear from other SEO agencies that just want your business and will say anything they can to make themselves sound appealing. Just ignore their spin, lies and bull when it comes to them telling you that they can fast track your web rankings.  At the end of the day it is up to you but if you have a new website and you want to be a real player then there is no way around it – you have to give it time!