SIX Tips to help Write Killer Headlines for your Blog

You have done the hard yards. You have spent the whole afternoon researching the material for your next blog post and you think you have it all sorted. But there is one thing that’s missing and your not quite sure what it is…then you realise you haven’t got the heading. You write down the first thing that comes to your mind but it just isn’t catchy enough. This is where the problems lie when it comes to blog writing and content marketing. You have to have a title that pops out and gets the readers attention. Without this, the blog post will die.

Statistics show that 4 times as many people read the headline than the actual copy. So what ever you do make sure you have a killer headline that your audience will be compelled to click on. Following are some great tips to get that killer headline.


Be Clear, on topic and truthful

I love being creative with my words, but sometimes I can get carries away and loose sight of what is on topic and specific. You have to be very clear in your heading about the topic. Try not to be too general and above all you have to have an honest approach to it. If you are too non specific, this may turn readers off who have landed on the search page where your blog is. If their eyes skim over the heading and are not immediately pulled in, then you might have lost a potential customer. Also, in terms of honesty don’t mention things that aren’t true. If you tell people there is a 20% sale, then mention this in the blog. If you have anew item that can do x,y,z substantiate this in the article. If your title claims are misleading you will end up turning people off which can damage your brand.

Use strong emotional phrases

Your title has to raise a certain level of curiosity and the best way to do this is by being emotional. Phrases like: 10 warning signs, tips to help, earn more money, free tips today are all great headline grabbing statements as they immediately touch a nerve. If you can create a heading that excites and raises a persons interest then they are going to be more likely to click on the link. Boring, same as headings, without any emotional impact will just get lost on the page.

Cliches are boring

 The general public have woken up to clichés and statements that have been done in the past time and time again. If it looks dodgy and seems as though no effort has been put into the heading, then chances are no one will read the article. Avoid, over done, tacky clichés.

Address content for all Social Media platforms

 Write for your specific social media platform. What works on Facebook may not necessarily work on twitter or Instagram. If you put the effort into this you will get better traction and click through rates. Readers will love you for this and the only one that will benefit is your business.

Get an SEO agency to optimise these posts

Blogging is great for SEO and your overall Google ranking so once you have finished the post with your great heading, let your SEO agency know about this so they can push it online. This will balance your back linking profile which is the best way to optimise your entire site. This is complicated, but believe me it works well. The trick here is to find the right SEO agency to help you do this and who know how to do it properly. This is where we step in at SEO Brisbane Experts. We know how to optimise all blog posts so they are high up on Google – combine this with a killer headline and you will get heaps more website traffic. This is a top marketing trick and will bring in tons more sales inquiries.