Signs Your Websites Been Penalised By Google

Google is ruthless towards those websites it sees as being non compliant or using spammy, inorganic methods to artificially improve rankings. What they do is penalise the website. It happens all the time and if your website has been penalised by Google you will know the pain. For those businesses that have seen a sudden drop in ranking and don’t really know what’s going on then following are some great tell tales signs that your site has been hammered by Google.

A Google penalty is when Google’s algorithm detects unusual or inorganic links pointing towards you website. This is either automatically done by the algorithm or your website has actually been manually inspected and there has been what’s termed a manual action placed on your site. This means that unless you clean everything up and prune those external links, then I’m afraid your ranking situation will never improve.

Watch out for SEO agencies that promise ranking guarantees – this WILL lead to a penalty 100% certain

Google penalty’s are on the increase and are in direct proportion to the way in which Google keeps on fine tuning and releasing it’s algorithmic updates. If you are non compliant or have used a bad EO agency in the past, then it will get you. It’s not a matter of, ‘well we have dumped the SEO agency so all should be fine now’. It doesn’t work that way. Past toxic SEO link building, unless remedied, will always come back and bite you. This is a certainty and this is why so many websites have been penalised. It’s only a matter of time before it happens to you. What happens? Suddenly your ranking dip massively. You probably were on page 1 and now your on page 20. This is a penalty and boy oh boy it’s a horrible feeling.

I’m not trying to be a doom merchant here but all I’m doing is trying to prepare you for the inevitable so you can take some type of action to mitigate the risk and downside before it actually happens. You can do something to prevent a penalty if you are proactive.

Here at SEO Brisbane Experts, we know that shonky, dodgy and old ‘black hat’ SEO techniques don’t work anymore, this is why we are 100% compliant with all our SEO work and everything we do in terms of link building and in site SEO.

seo penalty

Here are some signs to warn you of a pending Google penalty OR that your site has already been hit by a penalty.

Dodgy backlinking techniques used by cheap SEO agencies that make false promises

If your SEO agency has promised you unrealistic rankings because they told you they could get you to page 1 in 90 days and they guarantee this, then the back links they use are spammy (some SEO agencies will tell you anything to get your business – be really careful).

You do get a short term sugar hit rise, but once a new algorithm rolls out (and this is frequent) your site will get busted for inorganic link building. Bang, your gone. Be on the look out for any past SEO activities you might have engaged in where you were promised SEO guarantees. This is a sure way to get penalised. Google is very regimented now and has really sussed out the bad eggs in the SEO industry and if you are aligned with them, your in their cross hairs. Don’t make silly SEO mistakes in 2016!

Poor quality website content

If you think that you can launch a website with little or no content OR content that’s purely written for the search engines, then you are going to be penalised. If you have flown under the radar with over optimised keywords on all your web pages, thinking it will influence Google somehow, then think again. The site will get busted and you are going to see rankings plummet. It’s not a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’.

So how does the team at SEO Brisbane Experts identify and mitigate penalties?

The very first thing we do is get access to your Web Master Tools and see if there has been any correspondence from Google. They will let you know if there has been a manual action. We will also get stuck into your Google Analytics and see what type of links you have pointing towards your site and take immediate steps to start trimming these toxic, useless links built by your past terrible SEO agencies. We will also implement what’s termed ‘disavow’ to Google so that they ignore all of these links moving forward. Sometimes these fixes can be quite easy and we can resurrect your ranking within say 3-4 weeks. In other cases, depending on the severity of the penalty and how long you have been with the past BAD SEO agency, the process can take a couple of months. We will monitor the website daily and make sure that the work we are implementing is beneficial and keep you in the loop about all our positive activities.

Once we have done everything we can to clean the mess up we can then look at starting a proper SEO campaign.

If you have any questions or concerns about your website rankings or current SEO strategy or the type of company you are putting all your faith and trust into, then get in touch with us today on 1800 916 191. We are here to help you stay well clear of those nasty Google penalties.