SEO survival tips for small business in Brisbane

I’ve got some serious advice and tips for any small business in Brisbane looking to find a decent SEO company and make it out alive. Survival is the key in SEO land and a wrong choice WILL mean certain death online. So make sure you choose widely cause the consequences can be catastrophic.

If you make the wrong decision which is so often the case, what will happen and I can guarantee you this 100% – I would even put it in writing, is that your website is going to get penalized by Google. That’s right penalized.small_business_start

What this means is that even the slightest ranking you may have enjoyed will be completely wiped off the face of Google pages. You will NOT be able to find any of your pages, no matter how hard you look. And if you think this cannot happen to you and that this only happens in really bad cases – then think again. Google penalties as a result of working with dodgy, cheap, nasty, third world SEO companies are extremely common and they are becoming more prevalent as business owner get suckered into using these fraudulent SEO suppliers.

There are a few ways to spot these types of SEO agencies and my tips here are based only on PURE FIRST HAND EXPERIENCE – I am actually in the trenches trying to help these poor businesses get out of these really bad penalties and help them try to recover their Google rankings and business. Without these rankings they have to spend heaps and I mean heaps of money on Adwords – which they simply can’t afford – what an abhorrent, situation they have got themselves into all because they could not SPOT the SEO FRAUD. Now they are paying the price for this mistake and what a price they are paying!

TIP # 1 – The Lets meet ate a coffee shop SEO fraud – the guys are the pits – avoid them like the plague – they will never allow you to meet with them at their office, cause they don’t have one. These guys are middle men and will simply quote you a low SEO price and out source all their supposed SEO work to another offshore party – if they even hint that they would prefer to come to you, when you suggest going to their office, give them the flick. There are heaps of these guys out there all masquerading as SEO specialists and SEO Gurus BUT the real truth is they are just plain old shonks.

TIP # 2 – Lets sign you up for 12 months trick. Never and I repeat NEVER sign one of these contracts as once they have the hook in, you are basically stuffed and I mean absolutely ruined. These SEO guys main aim is nothing more than to get you to sign on the dotted line with a whole lot of bullshit and a whole lot of tales about how they need your commitment cause they are doing most of the SEO work upfront. What a load of crap – these contracts are designed so that once they have you they are NOT going to do any work. Think that this is impossible and will never happen – then think again people! This is a major scam and watch out if you complain or try to get out of the contract – I really hope you have a good lawyer! PLUS if they do in fact put a few links here or there I know for a fact that they will be dodgy and will end up getting your website penalised – the old sign the contract is the worst scam of all and Brissy businesses need to really be on the look out for this.

TIP # 3 – The we will guarantee you a page 1 ranking within 90 days – OMG!! If you fall for this then watch out, I got NEWS FOR YOU – no rankings can be guaranteed and this is cause Google has the ultimate decision making power – It is highly tempting to believe this  if you are desperate to get your website up there and if they say what you want to hear then sometimes the temptation is just too great – BUT PLEASE PLEASE trust me when I tell you that these quick scammy rankings are nothing more than cheap sales talk designed to create a sense of trust between you and these SEO gangsters. Whilst speaking to these guys if they mention this unbelievable statement over the phone, then my BIGGEST tip for this blog is to simply slam the phone down. If they try to hassle you and keep calling you back, tell them where to go. This is your business and these SEO companies are not looking out for your best interests. They are out strictly for themselves and would not care in the slightest if your site go de indexed by Goole and you went out of business.

So Bribanites you have been warned – my tips are here to help you make the right choice when choosing a credible, transparent and ethical SEO company – if you are still unsure why not give us a call here at SEO BRISBANE EXPERTS on 1800 916 191 – this will be one of the best internet marketing decisions you will make for your company moving into 2015!