SEO Penalty Assessment Service

penalty_The SEO Penalty Assessment Service provided by SEO Brisbane Experts will give your business a detailed and very thorough assessment of your website. It will clearly identify and pin point areas where the website does not meet Google’s strict compliance codes and best practices. Once these are identified our SEO technicians will make the necessary repairs on your site to fix any problems that may be causing the site to drop in its rankings.

All our Brisbane clients who have undergone a penalty assessment learn very quickly the areas in their site that have caused the issues and in roughly 95% of the cases, their website begins to see dramatic ranking improvements within a couple of weeks. Remember, this is all work carried out pre Google penalty, so you can consider this website audit as a preventative measure against major Google algorithmic changes like Panga, Penguin and the latest 2014 update Payday Loan. It’s your online insurance policy against your website being penalised.

If your time is valuable and you feel that your website could do with a penalty assessment, then contact us now at 1800 916 191 for a FREE quote.

What your SEO Penalty Assessment Service will Include:

If you have never had a Google penalty then you really do not know how bad this can be for your business. If you ever get one you will need to take immediate action to restore your rankings. Our penalty assessment services will outline a series of tasks or a detailed list that needs to be strictly adhered to. This is broken down over a 1 month period and if you follow exactly what we detail, your website will be an impregnable barrier against Google’s ever shifting landscape.

Our very detailed analysis identifies the hurdles to your SEO campaign that must be be repaired quickly. This is a 25-30 day project with weekly reports to summarise your ranking problems.

For details on this program please call us at 1800 916 191 now!

To ensure that your Brisbane website can recover from any potential Google related penalties, we focus on the following topics:

  • A detailed look into past linking history – are there too many links – are they in organic – do they look unnatural or too ‘spammy’. This is major issue and one that has to be addressed immediately. Too many dodgy back links will harm your ranking and that is 100% certain!
  • We go into your WMT or web master tools and see if there has been any messages from Google. More often than not, you probably have never heard of WMT and never logged into your account to see if there is any correspondence.
  • Looking at your web title tags and site descriptions. Are they relevant and do they look natural? Are they related to the page they are on and if not we have an in house title tag specialist that can write the best titles for each page of your website.
  • Is your website too thin on copy? What is the content like and has it been updated recently? Your site must have rich well worded content if  it will rank. We look at your main landing pages and can draft copy to make sure that it gets indexed by the search engines.
  • We prune and trim back all in bound links that could have been created by past SEO companies and if we can’t do this we disavow them in your WMT account. After 1 month you will see a massive difference in your rankings after we implement these disavow tactics.
  • We look at your website speed and optimise all images so that your site loads incredibly fast. A slow site is a SEO killer. We have the tools necessary to turbo charge your website and make it a powerful marketing platform.
  • We check for duplicate content on your website and also make sure that no one has ripped off content from your website – we have plagiarism checkers to do this.

Penalty Repair Services

In addition to a Google penalty assessment at SEO BRISBANE EXPERTS we also offer a Google penalty recovery service. If your website has completely dropped off the rankings radar then your site has been penalised. This is a more in depth service as we need to go about removing all inorganic links and start to file for a request for consideration. This is a 3 month process and is way more time intensive than an assessment. This is quoted on an individual basis and will really depend on the number and accessibility of those low quality back links. Penalties are not 100% guaranteed but we will try our hardest to remove them.

Our success rate is 75% but if you do not at least attempt this then you will NEVER get out of the penalty. We are there to clean the mess up, as we have done in the past for countless Brisbane businesses and companies. Through no fault of their own they landed up in a penalty by trusting a SEO company that had no idea about what they were doing.

As and Added Bonus We Will Provide SEO Training.

To make sure that our clients understand search engine optimisation guidelines and SEO best practices for their businesses, we provide a free 1 hour phone tutorial about SEO valued at $495.00.

The fee for our SEO Penalty Assessment Service $3,990 + gst, which covers most web sites. And if you want help with Google penalty-recovery, we will do that too! Call us at 1800 916 191 to go over your situation and how we can help your business recover.