SEO is a must more than ever

If you think that you cannot invest in SEO and that you will somehow miraculously rank on Google then you are living in a parallel universe. SEO does not mysteriously happen overnight. Your website cannot be sitting on page 1 of Google if there is not an SEO campaign brewing in the background. It just doesn’t happen that way. To succeed online you need an SEO agency to be working on your website and to be really at the top of your game you need to choose the right SEO agency.

Following are reasons why your business needs to be working with an SEO agency if you ever expect to rank.


# 1 You need back links. The only way you will ever beat your competitors online is through back links. This is ( at this point in time) the very best way to jump your competition as back links provide authority and it’s this authority that Google uses to measure your websites rank. The more, better quality and varied back links you have, the higher your site will rank.

Having said the above, back links must be implemented in a methodical and very organic / natural way. You can’t simply rush in there and pop 1000 links pointed towards your site. It just doesn’t work like that anymore. You have to take a slow, even and balanced approach to this. Rushing this process ( as many bad SEO agencies will do) will only give you a sugar hit rise. The rankings may go up a couple of pages. May even get to page 1, but this is only temporary and unsustainable as Google has ruled out his type of inorganic spammy link building.

I have seen far too many businesses get absolutely smashed online when their SEO agency build too many cheap / dodgy back links just so there can be a instant gain.  It’s the worst thing that you could do and it’s the result of companies trying to lure you into signing up with them and saying they will rank your website within 90 days.

So, take my advice from someone who has been doing SEO for many years. Use a proper SEO company builds links the right way. If it’s implemented correctly the results you will see are phenomenal.

# 2 SEO is always evolving. Google changes the landscape. It’s like a moving piece of earth. Nothing stands still and with each roll out of the algorithm, rankings become more complicated and harder to achieve. Compliance issues get tightened, rules become more stringent and this is where your website needs the help of a seriously good SEO agency. If you think you can do it yourself or that you can trust the SEO to some external company based overseas or to some guy promising you unrealistic rankings within a week….think again. It won’t work out for you. SEO is a strategy that needs to be constantly updated and evolving with the latest algorithmic changes. This is why you need to work with folks that understand Google and know what’s coming up. Without this insight and experience working with you, you might as well kiss any chance of a decent ranking goodbye.

# 3. You know your business better than anyone else does, so why should ypou take on the added burden of trying to do your own SEO. Leave it to people who work in this daily. We know our business ( which is SEO) probably better than any other company out there. So why risk it? Leave it to us rather than a DIY approach. The results if they are done incorrectly can be seriously bad for your business.

# 4 It’s now about traffic rather than position. Sure it’s really important to be on page 1, but any decent SEO agency will also be able to analyse your web traffic through analytics, study the results and make informed decisions to help improve site visitors. A credible SEO company is now also a full service digital agency so they should now be able to offer a raft of digital marketing services on top of their SEO such as: Adwords management, web design, remarketing campaigns, conversion rate optimisation advice, social media marketing, landing  page optimisation as well as a website audit. Your SEO agency should now be able to tackle any digital marketing issues you have and be focused on building traffic numbers not just Google positions.

The reason for this is that it’s just become far too noisy and cluttered online and you need to be able to stand out and attract customers quicker and smarter than ever before. There are now a multitude of platforms and marketing channels out there that all are geared to generating new business leads. This makes your Brisbane SEO partner more critical than ever. Believe me when I tell you that you need to make the right decision from the very beginning. Only go with a company that can demonstrate their skills in both the SEO and digital prowess.

Remember, you really want to cover off all bases in the digital space. Your competitors are doing this so if you are not fully working on all these great marketing platforms you will be missing out on golden lost opportunities.