SEO is a Long Term Strategy


If you think SEO is a short term strategy, one where you can turn it on and off, you are wrong. SEO is all about consistency, strategy, planning ahead and link building. Yes that’s right. You need to be link building on a constant basis, in order to maintain and increase your keyword ranking. For this to happen across all pages of your website businesses have to have the mindset that SEO is for the long haul. Anything less, such as quick wins is a recipe for disaster. This is why at SEO Brisbane Experts we treat all our SEO clients as long term clients. All our strategies are based on advanced planning, analysis, fine tuning and all this takes time. To get SEO right and be better than anyone else out there online, you need to embrace this philosophy.

Yes there are companies out there, especially in the SEO space that will tell you otherwise, but from my years of experience in this area, all I can say with certainty is that SEO is a long term strategy. I know you are probably thinking why do some companies say they can rank you within 90 days, whilst I am here giving you all the bad news about how long things take and how patient you have to be.

The reason for this is simple. Short term quick rankings are only achievable if you are going after easy, non competitive keywords. If for example, you are wanting to rank for lawyers Brisbane and you have a new website and have never done SEO before you can forget about any quick page 1 rankings. These local based competitive niches are highly sort after – hence any rankings need to be secured in a very organic and natural manner. This is the way we work and this is why all our clients we rank on Google are always sitting comfortably at the top. The reason is, because we have implemented a SEO campaign that looks completely natural. And, if there are any major Google updates or algorithmic changes we can rest easy knowing that we have done nothing wrong.

Each time a Google update rolls out those SEO agencies that promised you quick rankings will be sweating. They know what’s about to happen because the methods that they employed to rank you quickly will be picked up by Google and your site will pay a heavy price; a Google penalty. They may have won you over in the very short term and called you up excitedly of their achievements. But, I can promise you 1 thing, these guys will be avoiding your phone calls now.
Google takes any type of inorganic or spam activity very seriously. They have teams of people on the look out for ‘spammy’ websites PLUS they have their highly tuned algorithm that can detect short term, over optimisation of websites. If you think it can’t happen to you then think again. No one and I repeat no one is excluded from their strict rules.

Googles biggest updates ( Panda and Penguin) ended spammy link building and meteoric website rankings. In fact, and I want to be very clear about this. Any rankings that appear suddenly are bad news. If you are looking at your keywords and you suddenly see some upstart new business get to page 1 and you can’t figure out why. Don’t worry. They have just been spammed up to the top and what rises quickly will surely fall quickly.

To put this into context, if you have a new website and you are in a highly competitive area, you should be expecting rankings to hit page 1 at around the 6-8 month mark. Yes, you may get better rankings for easier long tail keywords, but for the main ones that are called the ‘money keywords’ you should be extremely patient.

There are other marketing channels you can look at in the interim to promoter your business, such as social media, video and content marketing as these will bring in some inquiries whilst your SEO campaign is ticking over in the back ground. The trick here is to cast as wide a net as possible. Be active on social media, use direct marketing emails, write interesting blogs, create  a reason for people to come to your website and you will notice an increase in sales. What ever you do DON’T just wait for the SEO to kick in as this takes time. Being proactive in the interim will bring in revenue.

Engaging your customer base and having a measurable return is not so simple. Like SEO this needs to be handles in a professional manner and this is why you need to connect with a digital agency that can not only handle your SEO but can also look after all other forms of digital marketing.

Speak to us here at SEO BRISBANE EXPERTS to see what a real SEO campaign is like. We will never hide the truth from you in order to secure your business and will be open and upfront about the realities when it comes to your search engine optimisation. FREE CALL TODAY on 1800 916 191 and start to generate really qualified traffic to your website. We will bring more people to your website than you thought possible – we will also make your website conversion rates go through the roof– THIS IS WHAT WE DO BEST.