SEO in 2015, who are you going to trust?

The internet landscape is forever changing and the biggest shifts in SEO are happening right now as 2014 finishes and 2015 begins. Google has tightened what SEO companies can and cannot do to such an extent that businesses looking to rank need to be aware that making the wrong decision with whom they will partner with is going to cost them dearly. The latest Google algorithm changes, Penguin and Pandas mean that you really need to work with an SEO agency that not only tells you the truth but an agency that you can fully trust. A SEO team that you are more than happy to leave the internet marketing of your business in their capable hands. The only real and telling issue of this is how to find a SEO company you can fully trust, when there are unfortunately so many dodgy and untrustworthy players out there.

Following are a few golden tips that will help you find that SEO agency in 2015 that you can trust and work with.


1) The best SEO agencies are the ones that never give ranking guarantees. Only go with an SEO company like SEO Brisbane Experts who will be honest and tell you that SEO guarantees simply do not exists. I have blogged about this many times cause it still amazes me the amount of people who still want and expect their rankings to be guaranteed. I know in the business world it’s a comforting thought to have all your service providors give you guarantees BUT when it comes to SEO and Google this just doesn’t work. So in short, if you speak with any SEO agencies over the phone and they offer some type of guarantee they are not being honest with you.
You may ask why they would lie about this and the answer is simple, cause people become victims of these guarantees cause it’s what they want to hear. If you are sold the lie and you want to believe it, then you will buy into it – simple as that!

2) A great example of a truthful SEO agency is one that will tell you if they have paid to be on page 1 of Google using adwords or they are there because of their hard work and ability to rank their own website. Many businesses looking to find a SEO agency will choose 4or 5 random agencies and in that mix there might just be a few who are there through Adwords. Your SEO agency ( if you decide to use them) should be honest enough to tell you that they are on page 1 purely because of Adwords.

Moving forward this can be a problem cause if they cannot rank their own website what are they going to do with yours. Businesses should really know the difference between the two. I have spoken to may prospective businesses who tell me that they have used a company in the past cause they found them on page 1 of Google. After a bit of homework from my end I can see they are there BUT have paid to be there, which is the complete opposite of SEO  – BEWARE OF THESE PITFALLS.

3) Watch out for agencies that quote you really cheap prices and promise you with all their heart that they are going to get your website to page 1 within a couple of months OR they will give you every penny back. This is a really big lie and is probably the biggest scam going round in the SEO world. Quick rankings just do not exist and will end up getting your website penalised by Google. It happens each and every day to all businesses no matter the size or niche. Google is quick to pick up inorganic, fraudulent SEO back linking implemented at a frenetic pace. In fact, this is what they are on the look out for and if you think that you can rank your website and spend as little as possible, then you are being conned. Only trustworthy and truthful SEO companies will tell you the real time frames involved with ranking a site.

For example I am not afraid to tell people that call me, that their website may take up to a year to rank on page 1, if we are to do things the right way. The truth sometimes stings with SEO, but we do not make the rules, we only abide by them, which is what YOU REALLY want from your future SEO agency. Candy coating the truth and telling little whit lies may be fine to win the business BUT in the long run, you are going to get found out and pay a really hefty price for placing your trust in an SEO company that is only out for their own benefit.

4) Trust those SEO agencies that are able to prove that they have a physical office and they are located in Australia. It’s best not to go with freelancers or work that is off shored as this can often lead to problems. Local businesses should use local companies – thats my rule for trusting a SEO company in 2015.

5) Never ever fall for the lie that you need to sign a 6 or 12 month contract – this is not a good way to start your SEO campaign cause once you put pen to paper on the dotted line they can do anything they like without ever being accountable. If your rankings go sour, tough luck, you are committed to use these cowboys for however long the contract is. If they don’t get back to you with a plausible explanation when your rankings are not moving, you are going to have to wear it and suck it up, cause you are in a binding contract – just try to get out of it and see what happens – these guys do this all the time and if you miss just 1 payment they will have a lawyers letter out to you asking for a reason for non payment – TRUST NO ONE in 2015 that wants you to sign a SEO contract!

Because SEO is such a abstract process, it is really important that businesses are told the truth to from the beginning. In 2015, I feel it is about time that businesses in Brisbane wake up to the reality that SEO is an important part of their marketing mix and they need to be aware that like everything else in the business world, there are people on the look out for suckers. JUST MAKE SURE THAT YOU ARE NOT ONE OF THEM. The SEO landscape and Google are extremely unforgiving so make sure you go into any agreement with a company with your eyes wide open and I hope that the few tips I have provided will help you make the right choice before you embark on what is a truly great marketing medium – MAKE THE RIGHT CHOICE AND FUTURE PROFITS WILL BE HUGE!