SEO Guarantees Are a Lie

If you have ever been told that your SEO ranking is guaranteed then you re being told a massive lie. There are SEO companies in Brisbane who are happy to tell you straight to your face that they can guarantee you a Google ranking, without breaking a sweat. Without doubt this is one of the biggest lies that anyone in the SEO game can say and it is happening all the time.


Business owners wanting to get their website ranking on Google, who are new to this concept, who have never done this before and somewhat naive, fall victim to these lies and end up paying a huge cost late on once they realise what is happening. Once they have you in their claws there is little you can do. Basically, they lock you into a contract, that you cannot get out of, and in the meantime, you are losing potential valuable business. Its an absolute crime and a real pity that decent, hardworking business owners get cheated, duped and conned out of their money!

Our office receives roughly 50% of its inquiries from innocent Brisbane businesses who have been mistreated and blatantly lied to about their SEO. It is then up to us to come in and pick up the pieces and try to get their online marketing back on track.

I write these blog articles so businesses and companies in Brisbane can get a clearer understanding of the types or internet scams out there, so they can steer well clear of them.

To make this point a bit clearer I will details a typical conversation between a unsuspecting business owner and one of these SEO scammers.

Business Owner = BO
SEO Scammer = SC

BO: I need more business and Im looking for a company to help me get on Google.

SC: Well sir, you have found the right company. We help businesses just like yourself get on page 1 of Google.

BO: Really, that’s great news. How long does it take and what are the costs?

SC: It can take around 3-5 months to get your website ranking and the costs is $500. BUT, we offer a guarantee that you will be on page 1 within 90 days or we will work for FREE until you are right up there.

BO: That’s fantastic, a guarantee all for such a cheap price…where do I sign up?

SC: Great news! I can email you a contract today and we can get started on your SEO campaign now. Expect to see your website on page 1 within 90 days or we will do this for free.


As you can see the BO has been scammed here by believing that their website will get to page 1 of Google.

The reality here is that because Google is a third party and because they are always looking at changing the way they display their search results and ranking algorithm, it is IMPOSSIBLE to make these kinds of assurances, promises and guarantees.

Sure, it’s nice to have these types of day dreams but the stark and very harsh reality is that absolutely no one can guarantee a Google ranking. Not even us,, and we are very GOOD at SEO.

These scammers, crooks, shysters, what ever you want to call them are out for the quick buck and out to rip you off. I  can’t highlight this point enough. It’s just so easy to fall victim to these kinds of SEO guarantees, because these people are SO CONVINCING. Their job is to sell this baloney, drivel, ludicrous crap all the time and they get very good at this. I bet they even believe it themselves. If they say it enough over and over again, they become brainwashed into believing it and this in turn becomes a very powerful sales tool.