SEO Basics, What do we really do?

If you run a business, whether it’s an online shopping cart or a simple brochure style website, one thing they all have in common is the desire to be found on Google. In some cases it’s a matter of business survival. You are either found online or you are out of business.
The only way you are ever going to get found on Google is via SEO or search engine optimisation. This is the process of making sure the site is google compliant as well as implementing a back linking campaign to generate website authority. Being visible online is now so crucial that every company, small business or organisation should now have an SEO strategy in place. Without one they are relying on old marketing methods, which in this digital environment will simply not suffice.
Statistics show that Google users rarely go beyond page 1 and this is putting even greater pressure on businesses to be proactive in securing that top spot. In some cases they get there but unfortunately in the majority of cases they don’t. Following is a brief explanation of what we do to help businesses with their SEO and 1 vital tip that they should all know before they even think about doing any form of SEO.
What’s involved with our SEO campaign?
All credible SEO strategies are divided into 2 main components: on page and off page.

So what is on page?
A focus on relevant Keywords are the foundation of your website. Your individual web pages must have relevant keywords that relate to that page. For example, if one of your service pages is about let’s say cosmetic surgery in Brisbane, then that page needs to have keywords that have any relevance to cosmetic surgery. Let’s break that down even further. Let’s say they do tattoo removals in Brisbane, then the keywords on that page must all relate to tattoo removal in Brisbane. It’s all about being relevant and on topic without over optimising these keywords. Essentially, you have to write for your readers in a natural way and forget about the search engines. I know this seems at odds with what I have just said but the more natural sounding your articles and web pages are the better will be the consumer engagement and overall SEO rankings. At SEO Brisbane Experts we make sure that we go over your website methodically to make sure all pages are written well and are totally SEO compliant. After all your web pages need to attract customers so the more compelling, informative and exciting your content the more likelihood of the sale.
Your websites structure relates to the page layout and how the user navigates and interacts with  the site. Basically, the simpler and less complicated the website, the better. Because we know the value of brilliant web design and how important this is in relation to improving customer conversion rates/sales inquiries we have a team of in house designers that will audit all your web pages and implement any necessary design amends to make the user journey more pleasurable.
We make sure that there are internal links throughout the website that with unique and varied anchor text. This type of internal linking structure is great for Google as it sends strong and very positive ranking signals increasing the sites authority.

Mobile phone optimisation is now essential. If your website is not optimised for all hand held devices and tablets you are going to seriously impede not only your chance of ranking but also the user experience. Google places so much more value on mobile optimised websites than those that are not. If your website is not mobile friendly then we can change this for you. If your one of the many businesses if this unfortunate situation, then it’s time to act. Talk to us about this on1800 916 191. If you put this part off you are only helping your competition.
So what is off page SEO?
Credible Link building is a all about off page SEO. The better the quality of the links and the greater it’s natural diversity, the better the SEO ranking. The way that we do this is a bit of a secret, but all I can tell you is that our backlinking is about as natural as you will ever get.
If you have a business that’s in dire need of some pure, pristine back links that are implemented in probably the most organic fashion any SEO agency in Brisbane can offer, then you better talk to us. We pride ourselves in doing this in the most compliant manner. Our ethos and core principle is to fly as low as we can under the Google radar. One thing I promise you is that if you use our SEO services you will never ever get any type of Google penalty or have any issues. This is why we are considered to be one of Brissy’s best SEO firms.
Social Media is a must! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram are all great and they are becoming increasingly more popular as marketing platforms for business. In conjunction with your SEO campaign we also manage your social media profiles to further push your brand online. Whilst the jury is still out on whether social media activity has any relevance towards your SEO rankings, we feel the more online activity your are doing the better.
Also put the user first. The better the experience they have the more Google will favour your websites relevance and overall authority. This is one of the pillars of a solid SEO ranking.
I want to add 1 final point here. Make sure you go with a proper SEO agency and not some dodgy brother that is offering your fake ranking guarantees or unrealistic promises. The work these guys do is seriously bad and no matter how good your website is or how much effort you have put into the on page compliance and design, you will end up getting smashed! Trust me on this as we have had to rescue countless sites that have been penalised by Google for really negligent off page SEO tactics…’s your business so make the right choice.