Reasons Why Your Websites Not # 1 on Google

Have you ever wondered why your Brisbane business has never been # 1 on Google and why your rankings are consistently lagging behind those of your competitors? If you have done the ring around looking for a SEO company in Brisbane, no doubt you would have been told about guaranteed #1 positions on Google or guaranteed page 1 positioning on Google for your main keywords.Google_search

This is an out right lie and businesses in Brisbane looking to make a go of it online need to understand why their website is not at position or page # 1.

Being found on Google is critical for all types of businesses, especially small businesses. A whopping 86% of all online searches are conducted through Google and 79% of these searches never go past page 1. Can you believe that! This is a massive figure and means that if your business is not on page 1 you can basically write off getting any new business or generating any new sales leads from your website. It’s a seriously bad situation for businesses wanting to attract new customers. But alas, never fear a GREAT SEO solution is at hand. You can always talk to a SEO agency like ours at SEO Brisbane Experts on 1800 916 191 – we NEVER make unrealistic guarantees or promises BUT will deliver on what we say we will do. That is, get your website to page 1 of Google within a realistic time frame and budget.

Many small businesses in Brisbane, simply do not understand the complicated SEO processes and fall victim to dodgy, slick talking sales people who promise absolutely everything when it comes to your internet marketing. Naïve people believe this spin and are lulled into what is a downward spiral of lies, excuses and total crap. Believe me when I tell you this: almost half the calls we receive regarding SEO are from businesses who have trusted a bad SEO company and need us to help repair the damage and negative consequences that have arisen due to these malpractices. It’s a tragedy and I wish people wouldn’t fall for these traps.

The role of any SEO supplier is to be honest, open and very transparent about their work NOT to try to weasel every last dollar out of you. Unfortunately, the majority of SEO companies are out there for the scam, so it’s your job as a business owner to find the diamond amongst the rough. Doing this is NOT easy by any means as SEO sales people can be very convincing and if they quote very low for their service, the temptation can be far to great to resist.

The main bait they do often try to seduce you with is the page 1 guarantee within 90 days for a lot of your keywords. One thing I will emphasise here is that no one company can state with 100% certainty that they can guarantee you page 1 rankings, especially for so many of your keyword phrases.

For small businesses being offered 25 keywords on page 1 is an absolute waste of time and effort. Most small businesses need only 7-10 keyword phrases ranking. Any figure beyond this is a smoke n mirrors trick to get you to sign up. The logic behind this con job, is that they think that you will be overly impressed by having all these words ranking ( which they will never do), so you sign up with them.

PEOPLE WAKE UP AND SEE THE TRAP – the very harsh reality in the SEO space, and Google is that your website will only rank if there has been a considerable amount of authority built into the URL. This is a really time consuming project and you have to note that this all MUST be done in an organic and extremely natural fashion.

A good question to ask your SEO company is ‘ what 5 keywords will you be ranking?’ Are they my top 5….I can bet any money they are not. Or are they my bottom 5 keywords that maybe super easy to rank, but guess what… one is searching for these. Here is the trap and it’s incredibly easy to be deceived, deluded, easily persuaded and enticed into their web of lies. Sure its awesome to have 5 keywords up there on page # 1 but who cares if its not going to deliver any traffic to your website.

I hope this blog has been helpful. If you feel that you are always wondering why your site is not where it should be on Google then come in for a chat.