Is Your Website Converting Browsers Into Buyers?

For many businesses in Brisbane having their website situated at the top of the rankings is enough to make them happy. The thought process goes a little like this; the higher the rankings, the more visitors to the site which equals more sales. In reality, this should be the case. But in the real online world, this is far from the truth.buyer_online

Unfortunately, rankings are part of the solution. The other part is the way the websites user interface funnels onsite users into actual paying customers.

There are many instances where people will land on a very high page ranked website and will exit the site within a few moments. The reasons for this are many and following are my insights as to why this would happen and the rationale behind it.

THERE ARE FAR TOO MANY GRAPHICS: some websites are cluttered with graphics and imagery. The logic behind this is overkill and the more the consumer sees the better. Absolute rubbish!  Consumers want to get into a site, find what they are searching for and exit it as fast as possible. Burdensome visual elements combined with an over supply of pretty pictures are a massive turn off and will push people away. Keep the home page web architecture simple.

THIS SITE TAKES FOREVER TO LOAD: You have 3 seconds, thats all the time you’ve got or else they start to get impatient. Restless and time poor browsers are going to hit the back button guaranteed. So tell your web developers to keep graphic download times to a minimum.

THE CONTENT LOOKS LIKE A CHILD WROTE IT: Website copy written for the search engines ( a common practice to help SEO), would have an over abundance of the same repetitive keyword. Yes, the site ( a couple of years ago) would have ranked, but users would have landed on a bunch on odd monotonous wording designed for Google and not for the consumer. So what happens? Sure you are ranking and yes people are landing on your page. But, what they are reading is a whole heap of absolute nonsense. This is a sales killer and we tell all our clients to get their site professionally written if there is going to be any chance of success.

EXITING AT THE SHOPPING CART CHECKOUT: If a user spends longer than a couple of minutes trying to work out where the hell the pay button is they are going to work up a sweat, get frustrated and abandon the site. The might have a full cart, stocked high with all your goodies, but if the check out process is a labyrinthine or convoluted they are going to give you a miss. Remember this is the online world and it’s all too easy and simple to hit the delete button. Make it a joy to shop on your site. Make it a pleasurable, easy experience and they will keep on returning to buy more. Thinks about going to an actual retail shop. if you find parking a nightmare, the shop assistant rude, the teller difficult to locate, are you going to ever go back? No, of course not and this is exactly the same for your website. You can add to this one other very important point. Is your eCommerce website mobile phone friendly? Can people on the go buy from you easily? These issues are all web killers and can seriously impact your business.

BAD REVIEWS ARE KILLING MY BUSINESS: If your website has a customer review section and there is some negative publicity, comments or reviews, it’s time to act and answer these customer concerns in an honest, authentic, genuine and forthright manner. Letting these nasties sit on your website, without and action taken will drive consumers away. All it takes is one adverse or pessimistic comment or view about your product or service and you could be in real trouble. Action taken will avoid any doubt in the consumers mind. In fact they will reward you if they deem you response to be truthful.

YOUR WEBSITE DESIGN LOOKS LIKE A THROW BACK FROM THE 90’s: Cause thats the last time you did anything about your website. The business is that old and you have been getting so many customers based on your reputation. But now times have changed and you are obliged to address issues with your website. That is, people are bouncing off your website because they actually hate what they see. In fact having your site up there is a deterrent and a liability. Decrepit, fossilised websites are a huge consumer hindrance and I suggest you speak with a web company to address this ASAP.

If you feel that you deserve more online and expect your website to be performing at its best then you should be looking at some of the issues above.

In this day and age, your website is not only going to be a powerful marketing tool for your Brisbane business, but should be a compelling enough factor for you to do something about its lagging performance. Think of your website as another sales person. In fact, it’s going to be the driving force for your business. So treat it well and do everything you can to enhance its ability to work for you.

If you would like to know more about how to make customers stay on your website and are interested also in getting this site found on the search engines call us today on 1800 916 191. we can clearly explain to you the benefits of having a fully optimised website that is 100% SEO compliant. Plus once ranked it will bring in those happy be be there customers.

Making the right decision about your website is laying the foundations, bedrock and infrastructure for your future success in the digital landscape. Ignoring customer feedback, cold-shouldering your websites full potential, is neglecting your business.If you want to compete in the Brisbane market then then invigorate your best marketing platform; your website.