How to Create Eye Popping Remarketing Banners that WORK!

I will let you into a little secret. When it comes to banner design, especially remarketing banners, the most effective ones have the least bells n whistles. I know this might come as a shock to many people who think that they need to cram as much information and graphics as they can into the limited space, but this won’t work. If you think animations, flashing moving pics are a good idea then think again. You have to have 1 message and make sure it comes across to the consumer.

So following are some great tips to help you create a remarketing ad banner that sells!

What is your banner message?

If your remarketing banner has popped up, then the consumer has already been to your website. They know what your product or service offering is so the banner ad needs to be different from what’s on your website. Remarketing banner ads are all about prompting previous website visitors to engage with you again.  Therefore you must really promote your unique selling point in this ad. Your advert is there for a reason, so subtle reminders are a good way to reignite enthusiasm for your brand. A simple targeted message should do the trick.  You need to know why the consumer didn’t buy from your website in the first place and make sure they don’t do it again. Were your prices too high? Give them a 25% discount. They know what you are seeling so give them a real reason top come back to the site. Hit them hard, make them an offer they will find difficult to refuse. Perhaps create a sense of urgency or missing out on something. What ever it is make it clear, concise and succinct.


Strong Call-to-Action Buzz Words

OK, so you have worked out your message, you now need strong calls to action (CTA). If you are selling a product and have an eCommerce site, buzz words like ‘ hot sale’, only 20 seat left’, book now for 2016’, or 25% off for today only’, are great CTA’s.

You should also think about testing and measuring the performance of these CTA’s. Try 2 or 3 ads and see what’s getting the best response. When it comes to this type of advertising, because the costs can add up you really need to stay on top of all data and metrics provided. No point wasting good money on a dud ad.
In terms of colours make the CTA a contrasting colour to the rest of the ad so it has impact. Place this button at the bottom of the ad.

Remember your corporate & business branding

Remarketing banners, although different to your website need to reflect your brand. Remember you always need to keep reinforcing your brand and this includes all your remarketing. Make sure your banner includes your corporate colours and logo. Having these on the banner will remind people where they saw your website before and get into their subconscious. The more they see it the more powerful your brand becomes. Eventually, you become the ‘go to ‘ business, when they are serious about hitting the buy now button. Reason being, they feel more comfortable with your brand.

Which Web Page will the consumer land on?

Make sure that when people click on the ad they are directed to a page on your website that is most relevant to the ad. If there is a special sale happening, take then to the page on your website that has the product for sale. It’s a simple 1 click away from that point. Even better create specific landing pages on your website that are based around the ad.

In conclusion:

If you want your remarketing campaign to work, make sure you follow these crucial steps:

  • Use targeted, punchy, short attention grabbing copy.
  • Use CTA’s designed to make people react and take immediate action.
  • Use your branding to highlight & reinforce your business
  • Make the most out of your landing pages. You will need to get these professionally designed.

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