Google Penalties are More Common Than You Think

Believe it or not websites do get penalised by Google. This happens all the time and is a result of poor SEO techniques being implemented onto your website. You may not be aware of what your SEO company is doing but if you have a website that was ranking one day and gone the next then you have been hit by the dreaded Penguin update. If you are concerned the best thing to do is not to panic. Instead, take a deep breath, try to relax and get in touch with your SEO provider who should be able to provide the answers to this dilemma. If you can control the situation, you will be able to mitigate any further ranking loss and restore your rankings. BUT this can only happen if you take the right, correct necessary steps to fix the issue.

So What Are Some Reasons Why You Have Been Penalised.

google_penaltiesThe worst possible thing that could have been done is over optimise certain keywords. To make this easier to understand, think of it in terms of a pressure point. If you push and push too hard on one area some things gotta give.

Let’s take it one step further, if for example, you are a mortgage broker in Brisbane and you are desperate to crack into this market, then obviously being on the first page of Google for keywords like: ‘ mortgage brokers Brisbane’ or ‘ home loans Brisbane’ is going to really help you get new business and hopefully make you oodles of money.

 Why not go for it?

You can see all the big names on page 1 and you know for a fact that they aren’t short of a buck. In fact some of the biggest names in the home loan and mortgage market in Australia on page 1. So the logic goes, if you are up there next to them, then obviously you are going to reap the kind of success that they are getting from such a great online position.

So, what happens next is that you brief your SEO company to really push the keywords that you feel are going to make you rich beyond your dreams. You watch and monitor it every day and at the beginning nothing happens but over the next couple of weeks and months you can see your rankings start to steadily rise.

 All of a sudden after 3 months BINGO!

You type the words Home Loans Brisbane into the search box on Google and you are right up there with the rich and famous. You think how good is that! The phone starts ringing, emails start coming in and before you know it you are employing a few extra staff to help you out.

You are so impressed with your SEO agency for helping you get to this position that you call them daily and rain accolades of love on your account manager. It’s a wonderful feeling and there is an air of prosperity, hope and good vibes spreading through out your business. Think of it, 3 months ago you were working for some other home loan company and today in such a short time frame you are competing with the big boys. This is how powerful Google is and how good it can be for your business. Life is sweet and all is so very good.


The rankings have disappeared! They have gone! They are no where to be seen and no matter how hard you look or try to find them, they are a ghost. What a total freak out – the panic sets in and the first thing you do is call your SEO account manager who is now very reluctant to take your call. You are put on hold and have everything done to you to not make actual contact. Why? Cause they know what’s going on and they know they deep pile of SH*T and verbal abuse that they are going to cop from you.

What generally happens next is that they tend to call a company like us at SEO BRISBANE EXPERT who have to go in and sort the deep mess that has been created.

So What’s the Mess? It is the thousands of spammy back links that have been implemented by your SEO company in order to get you as fast as they can to page 1 for the keywords related to home loans. Remember you wanted to get there quickly and you pressured these guys to do anything they could to  get you there. The end result is a disaster.

Both parties are to blame – the SEO company should have known better and should have put a complete stop to this type of rank manipulation and inorganic link building. You, the client on the other hand should have been made aware of the negative impact over optimisation of keywords will have on your business once Google rolls out its Penguin update, like they just did last week in October 2014.

These Penguin Google updates are specifically designed to pick fraudulent SEO activity up such as the over optimisation of specific keywords.

In some cases it may not have been your fault entirely. Some SEO agencies are basically clueless and have no idea about what they are doing. Ion fact, for them SEO is a game of trapping you into a contract and do bugger all for the money you pay them. They of course will do a few dodgy back links to throw you off the scent in case you ask for an activity report BUT these kind of links are the ones that are going to get you into real deep trouble.

I do blog about this time after time. If you go down the cheap path of using a cheap SEO provider, the chances are high that you are going to get smashed by the Google Penguin update each time it comes around. This is a certainty. Be careful guys on which SEO company you choose to use and be really realistic about timings with your rankings and be very cautious with your expectations. Wanting it all now is obviously what you want, but in the world of Google and Penguin it doesn’t work like this. I know it’s probably not what you want to hear for your business BUT if you can think long term and thing appropriate realistic SEO budgets, things will work out better for you in the long run.