Don’t make this 1 Killer SEO Mistake

If your about to engage an SEO company to help with your Google rankings what ever you do, do not make this 1 mistake. This is with out doubt the worst thing you could do and it will kill any chance you have of getting to page 1 of Google. This mistake is made by most companies and businesses in Brisbane and unfortunately the situation is getting worse as people do not seem to pay attention to the 1 massive error.

Want me to tell you what it is?

It’s choosing an SEO company purely based on price. That’s correct. There are far too many SEO agencies out there online all offering really cheap SEO deals just to get your business. All you need to do is Google the words; ‘SEO Brisbane’ and you can start your search from the results displayed. There are literally dozens of companies (and I want to make a clear distinction here between companies that have paid to be on page 1 and those that have not) that have paid a small fortune to be up there on Google who are offering their services at ridiculous prices. These guys will say and do almost anything to get you to sign up with them on the dotted line and in doing so will cut their fees to levels that are unsustainable.

In doing so they are effectively telling you that they will be doing no work on your SEO as you are not paying them sufficiently. To implement any campaign ethically and in a manner that will get your rankings up there, takes time and a proper strategy. Guess what folks? All this costs lots of money especially, if you are trying to rank your website in a saturated niche that is seriously competitive.

This is where the problems arise. Most business owners think that all SEO agencies are the same and that we all do things the same way. Nothing could be further from the truth.

To put it simply, there are SEO agencies that operate on an ethical and transparent level and there are those agencies that offer their cheap SEO services and rip businesses off blindly on a massive scale. This is done day in day out as poor unsuspecting business owners fall prey to cheap, sleazy sales tactics (such as ‘pay only when you rank’ and the worst of all ‘90 day ranking guarantees’) that are so fine tuned that people don’t realise their fatal mistakes until it’s far too late and they are locked into nasty, lengthy contracts.

I am loath to admit it but I will sometimes negotiate my pricing levels but this is done on the rare occasion as I know how much work we have to put into ranking a website. I will not however, stoop to the ridiculous prices that are thrown around online. Let me give you an example to highlight just how bad this is getting.

Say, you’re a lawyer in Brisbane and want to rank for the keywords; ‘divorce lawyers Brisbane’ If you Google these keywords you will see that the space is already jam packed full of lawyers all wanting to be at the top of page 1.

Along comes you looking to get your business up there and after a few phone calls you have a price range of anywhere from $300 to $5000 to rank for a set of related legal keywords. Most people unfortunately, will go for the lowest price of $300 (this is human nature wanting the best deal) and this is the beginning of the disasters that are about to unfold. Essentially, your SEO company for that amount of money will do absolutely sweet bugger all for that fee and your rankings will not improve.

They can bang on about how good they are and about past results but this is all a load of BS because for a measly $300 it will be impossible to be competitive online and if you continue to believe their spin, hype and moronic sales pitch, then I guess you really deserve to be languishing in that position.

The moral of the story here is that is you really want to get anywhere online you must pay a fair price. Sliding under the radar and using some dodgy back yard operator is a sure fire bet that you are going to end up last online and quite possibly with a Google penalty.

If you love giving your competition the advantage, then go with the cheaper SEO option, you’ll be doing them a huge favour. But, if you are serious about giving your business the best chance of ranking, speak to a team of professionals that do not believe in undercutting to buy your business – we know we will deliver results and can assure you that once we get you up there on page 1 – you will stay there. This is why we are organically ranking on page 1 – and this is why you are reading this article.

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