Clicks are really out, conversion is the buzz word, as SMEs want better ROI

How often have you been stuck at a pedestrian crossing and have thought that the lights would never say walk. You keep on hitting the big button on the pole hoping that the light will change. Tap, hit, push, you keep on doing this and nothing happens. Until, after all that effort and stress, the light finally switches over to the green walk.

A sigh of relief happens and you pat yourself on the shoulder for making this happen. Sure if you push and wait long enough something will give, the only issue is that it wasn’t your efforts that made the lights change it was the first click and time. The moral is not to be overwhelmed with the number of clicks but the outcome. That is, you only needed to click once and the same result would have happened.

The same can be said for website traffic and revenue. Businesses think that the more clicks they get the better off the will be. This is far from the truth. In fact, if you put too much emphasis on clicks and not conversion, then you are doing your website and business a dis service. Putting all your effort on getting thousands of monthly clicks and thousands of social media likes is a complete waste of time and effort if your conversion rate is 1 in a 1000. What you need to be looking at is your number of clicks compared to the number of actual sales or conversions.business_roi

Boasting high clicks is a great thing if your websites ‘bounce rates’ are low and people are buying from you. This in turn will lead to a better return on your investment (ROI), which is the ultimate aim of any business.

Businesses are slowly waking up to this, and this is why they like to use a company like SEO Brisbane Experts that has a thorough understanding of the web design and SEO process and its impact on conversion rates. We have been in business that long that we know what does and doesn’t work when it comes to the mindset of the Australian consumer. We know that web conversions lead to more business an the key to this is putting your advertising and marketing dollars with a company that has a firm grasp of all online marketing principles.

The issue over quality click versus quantity clicks is very old school. The competitive nature of the online environment means that every person who lands on your website MUST be converted into a lead – this is harder than it looks. If your website, has the slightest hiccup in site speed, is remotely difficult to navigate or has a confusing home page, your clicks or visitors will exit the page and look elsewhere. All this means that you need to look seriously at the design, website architecture, web content and sales processes within your website. Do not for 1 minute think that you can now get away with having a mediocre site. It now has to be turbo charged for sales and conversions. In some cases this might mean only a few page adjustments and tweaks, but in others it could mean a complete site redesign.

So, if your business is like most of the businesses out there that relies heavily on the web for traffic, leads and sales, then you need to stop focusing on clicks and more on conversion.