BEST Conversion Rate Optimisation Tips for 2016

Conversion rate optimisation is the new buzz word for businesses looking to maximise every sales lead or inquiry they get from their website. It is commonly referred to as CRO and watch this space in 2016 as CRO becomes one of the most important marketing tools for businesses wanting to make the most out of their SEO campaign. If this sounds a bit too technical let me spell is out for you.

Basically, if you are going to go to the effort of ranking a website of Google and paying and SEO company to do this, you want to make sure that when they find your website, they like what they see. You want you main websites landing pages to be perfect. The customer must land on that page and think; ‘wow, how good are these guy’.


In 2015 is was all about mobile web design, in 2016 it’s going to be all about your websites conversion rates. To stay ahead of your competitors you need to watch what’s happening with your website and make any on page tweaks to stay 1 step ahead of your rivals. It’s all about getting to page 1 of Google and once there, delivering the best user experience imaginable.
So, following are a few ways of staying ahead  of the rest of the pack in 2016:
Become a master of your websites analytics. Know whats happening daily. In fact become a bit obsessed about it.

a) The first thing you need to do is set up your Google analytics account. This will show you a whole heap of interesting facts about whats consumers are doing when they end up on your website. It will highlight areas they visit, how long they stay on the site and if they are buying / inquiring from it.  If you can see that some pages (the ones you want to do well), are under performing you can make adjustments to this page, give it a week or two and then see if that’s had an effect. It’s like looking under the hood of your car to see why the engine is not running like it should be. These metrics and data are very accurate and don’t lie. So if you want to get the most out of your website, master you analytics. If that’s too hard or seems unrealistic please get in touch with us here at SEO Brisbane Experts. We can diagnose website issues almost immediately and have them fixed that day.

b) You must analyse your visitor behaviour –  see why they are not engaging.
ONce we have determined which pages are performing well, we need to see ways to improve on this. There are great tools out there such as heat maps as well as click maps that will highlight consumer behaviour on your best pages. We can tell where they are clicking and in some cases why they are not buying form you. We use these tool as part of our conversion rate optimisation process to eliminate any website hurdles or speed humps that can impede the consumers buying decision. By making some very slight adjustments here and there we know that we can skyrocket your CRO rates.

Screen Shot 2016-01-24 at 2.28.33 PM

c) Use Surveys or question to keep consumers on your site
I am not talking about those really annoying pop ups or mandatory questionnaires that need to be filled out right before the check out process. CRO rates can be improved by having subtle ‘read more’ buttons or a quick ‘ where did you hear about us’ on the site. If people are on a page and you see through the heat maps that they are clicking on the read more area, we then know that this is a crucial trigger point in the website. Perhaps a good place to add a reminder phone number or a testimonial. These are very small add ons, but they all contribute to a better user experience.

d) Personalising your website – giving it a bit more pizzaz and verve
With so many free web templates available, websites are now becoming very boring. This is the issue with free websites and free WordPess templates, everyone looks the same. It’s so ho hum and so boring that you will find those sites that have paid to get a proper web designer to do the site, will have better CRO rates. I know the temptation is to save money, even more so if you are a business start up, but personality sells online. Yes you can rank these sites, but what will the impact be when people see it? If the bounce rates are high ( and you can check this using your analytics), then you have to look at a site wide redesign. It’s painful I know but to succeed when the online space is so crowded, you must have a unique point of difference. Know you audience and target market and design accordingly. Younger customers want a more dynamic experience with product offerings and specials, whilst the more mature market might want more information. Essentially, it’s all about giving people what they want. And this I’m afraid to say takes a lot fine tuning and constant evolution of your website.

e) Track all sales conversions carefully
What do your want from someone who visits your site? Do you want them to phone you up, fill out and email newsletter form, buy a product that’s on sales, leave their details, or simply read your site and hopefully fill out the inquiry form. There are many types of conversions; some are simple enough, whilst others are complex and require lots of time spent on your website. What ever the case is, you need to know what you want from your site and make sure you are tracking all your conversions. If you are not getting the kind of results you were expecting, it’s time to dig into those analytics and make on page design and content adjustments. It is an on going process of always trying to go that 1 step better. This is how to make your website a conversion powerhouse.

f) Integrate all new technologies and trends.
You want to give your brand, business or company the best first impression. Consumers need to be wowed. To achieve this you need to be on top of the latest design and UX trends and start implementing all those new MUST HAVE web technologies. Just look at the uptake of responsive, mobile friendly web design and how quickly businesses embraced this. You have to be looking constantly at your website from the customers point of view and be totally honest with yourself. Would you buy from that website? If not, then you have to start the CRO process ASAP!
The evolution of the web as well as design standards and expectations from the likes of the consumer and Google make it a necessity for you to be proactive in maintaining the integrity, usability and aesthetics of your website.
So there you have it, a some quick CRO tips that you should be looking at implementing for 2016. If you think your sales are slumping and your website needs some TLC, then please get in touch with us on 1800 916 191. We can turn your poor performing website around and make it a revenue generating machine getting all those juicy new sales leads for you.