5 Out Dated, Old School SEO Techniques You Should Not Be Doing

If your business is still using old school SEO techniques then it probably does deserve to be hit with the full wrath of Google. There have been so many documented updates; from Penguin to Panda right through to Hummingbird, that most companies are now aware that they need to be up to speed with the latest Google changes. Yet in some cases with all the information online, it still amazes me the number of SEO agencies that still do not adapt to these algorithmic changes.

If your SEO agency ( and there are many out there online who still fall foul of Google), still practices these out dated SEO techniques, then it’s time you woke up, knew what to look for and then get rid of them.  If you are having a crack at doing the SEO yourself then these tips will help you not make any dramatic mistakes.

Following are 5 SEO techniques still commonly practiced that you should understand. If your SEO agency is still using these then you are treading on very thin ice. Watch out cause the more time you spend with them, the thinner the ice will become. Eventually, you will fall through and the waters are very cold.

old_school_SEOOut Dated SEO Technique # 1: Exact Match Anchor Text. If you use anchor text within your website this is totally fine. But, in days gone bye many SEO agencies used to over optimise anchor text in order to manipulate page rank. For example, if we were to have thousands of in bound anchor text links pointing to our home page all saying SEO Brisbane, this is deemed over optimisation. One or two links from authoritative websites are fine but this kind of behaviour is strictly old fashioned and will cause your website to get penalised. If you need to have in bound links, they should be branded with your web address or URL. Over optimised keyword anchor texting was once the best way to get a better ranking on Google. IN fact, the more links you had the better. How times have changed. Try to get away with it now and see what happens. There are millions of websites who got busted using these techniques and it’s a pity this practice still goes on. If you can get your SEO agency to perform a back linking profile, you will soon see if these types of ‘black hat’ techniques are happening to your site. If so take immediate action and get rid of these links asap!

Black Hat Technique # 2: Paying for links from dubious suppliers is really a bad idea. You can go onto any SEO related website or even better Google the words; buy SEO links’ and there are thousands of websites where you can purchase ‘so called’ high quality links. This is a really dangerous exercise and you are going to get seriously hurt once you start this process. These paid links are will on the Google radar and even if you do it once, you might just buy form the 1 website that Google has black listed. This will spell the end to any SEO rankings you may have. In most cases, these paid links are not worth anything, but the mere fact that you are trying to fraudulently improve your rankings via these sources is enough to cripple your internet marketing campaign. It is 100% certain that you will get found out from Google.

Really Bad SEO Practice # 3: Footer Links throughout the website used to be OK but are now considered spammy. Lets assume you wanted some maximum exposure on a popular website and you bought a tile advert on the side or footer of the site so that it appeared on every page. With some websites this might mean that your websites advert could be on thousands of pages. This is great for exposure but terrible for search engines. Think about it, that’s thousands of links from 1 website all pointing back to your site. It’s way over optimising and will get you busted. If you MUST do this make sure they put a ‘no follow’ attribute for the link. This will let Google know that you are not trying to fudge rank and that you are doing this as a pure adverting exercise.

Never Do This for your SEO # 4: Writing for the search engines and not the client, through keyword stuffing. I see it all the time and this is where you repeat your main keywords over and over again inn the hope it will rank higher. Again, this used to work but if you think that it will work for you now, then you are only going to look stupid. Pointless repetitive text with no meaning is what the PANDA UPDATE eliminated and Google only now rewards content that is worthwhile reading. Pointless, ineffectual, aimless dribble is a really bad SEO mistake and will score you NO brownie points with Google. The only real way a web page is going to rank is if you are able to publish content that is going to be read.

The Worst SEO Mistake You Will Ever Make # 5: I have left this till last as it’s a real beauty. The worst mistake any business can make is go with a dodgy SEO company. There are 3 main ways to spot these types of companies and they are: 1) they offer ranking guarantees. 2) The are unable to rank their own website and you have found them through adwords. 3) They are quoting really low SEO process to get your business. If you spot any of these 3 points know that they are all out dated SEO sales techniques, employed to trap you into using their really shifty services – avoid these guys at all costs!

There are just so many more out dated and old fashioned SEO tricks to discuss with you that I simply do not have enough time and if you go too deep into them it can get confusing. I suggest that if you are serious about getting your website a solid and more permanent Google ranking that you do contact us here at SEO Brisbane Expert on 1800 916 191.