3 SEO Myths explained – now you know the truth!

There are so many lies, spin, smoke and mirrors and over all deceit going around when it comes to SEO that its really hard to know what’s right and what’s wrong. You have one company telling you that this technique is the best way to approach SEO whilst another company simply slams it outright. I mean how do you sort out fact from fiction. What it right, what is wrong, what are lies, what’s the truth and most importantly, what is going to work.

Following are 3 myths that I thought you should know about before you make any decision as to your SEO partner. These myths have been going around a long time and it’s about time that I outed these as untruths. It’s important you know about these as many businesses rush blindly into signing SEO contracts without having any idea about what they’re doing and the ultimate repercussions. If you have these front of mind when doing the SEO ring around and getting quotes you will make a much more informed decision.

Myth # 1 – Websites can be ranked on Google very quickly

This is a sales pitch used by many SEO agencies, especially those in Brisbane in order to get you to sign up with them. They tell you all these sweet sounding stories about speedy rankings just to gain your confidence but in reality they are just playing you for a fool. Why? Because Google wants to see natural, organic link building. They want to see that your website is trustworthy and all this takes time. This is especially the case for brand new websites that have never been launched before. Google will want to see trust built up slowly and this can take up to a year. I know this is not what you probably want to hear but this is the reality of how it now works with anything online. Fast, speedy link building in the hope of artificially manipulating rank will end in a disaster. You will end up getting your website penalised by Google. So let’s put this myth to bed once and for all. If any SEO company tells you that they will rank your site quickly or they sell you pitches like’ no rank no pay’, beware – these guys are on the look out to rip you off.

Myth # 2 – Links don’t matter any more it’s all about website content

This myth is pitched by SEO companies that have no idea about link building and therefore sell you on the whole copy thing, which is complete and utter nonsense. Sure, writing copy is fine and it’s a good idea to provide information to your audience, but trust me when I tell you this; the only thing that’s going to ever rank your website on core, high traffic keywords is link building. You can write all the copy in the world and post it everywhere but ask yourself this question; will it generate traffic to my website? Will it bring in the leads to drive revenue? The answer is no. The only way you will ever get that phone to ring is through ranking for high traffic keywords. This means you need a comprehensive SEO strategy that involves link building as it’s foundation.

The agencies that try to sell you copy as the key to SEO success are either themselves copy writing agencies or people that want to string you along with blog after blog, month after month getting as much money as they can off you. By the time you realise you are being fleeced, it’s too late and you are probably a year down the track with no revenue, no rankings and no hope of building your business. What these fraudsters do is con you into believing that they are doing something constructive by showing you their articles and blogs. The real truth is that they are probably out sourcing this writing off shore for $3 per article and pocketing the rest of the money – watch out for this myth folks!

Myth # 3 – SEO can be done very cheaply

This is crazy especially when Google is making rankings highly complex. A high proportion of SEO companies will say and do almost anything to get you to sign up with them and this goes for pricing. They will discount heavily to get your business and in turn will do absolutely nothing with this money except use it for Adwords to promote themselves to another victim. Watch out of this as SEO if implemented strategically and done properly will cost money. Think about it for a moment. Just imaging you’re a builder in Brisbane and want to be competitive in the space of ‘builders Brisbane’ on Google when there are already existing companies on page 1. To do this and to rank you have to be very aggressive with your link building (in a compliant manner) and all this costs money. If you think you can get away with this on the cheap you are going to be disappointed. Nothing will happen and whatever links they do get, will be extremely dodgy or worse valueless. So, if you are going to implement a SEO campaign, be prepared to pay for this. If you are not prepared to allocate a decent budget for your SEO, don’t bother, it’s really not worth it.

If you have made it this far and you understand what I’m saying here then you are in a much better position regarding your SEO. If you are still uncertain please call us on 1800 916 191 and I will gladly explain these to you in much more detail. At SEO Brisbane Experts we have been helping businesses succeed online despite the fact they have made some really bad decisions in the past regarding their SEO partners. We have managed to get them out of a bad situation ( in some really bad cases, Google penalties), turn their rankings around and get them back on track in terms of web traffic, site visitors, improving conversion rates and turning their business around for the better.