1 Simple SEO Technique That Works

For most businesses SEO or search engine optimisation is far too complicated. Most people don’t really understand it and most don’t get it. They simply follow the advice or council given to them from their SEO company, or believe what they are told or what they read. It’s a real issue as many people and businesses get burn’t simply because they do not fully have a handle on SEO. Because it is such a complicated process and Google is always changing the landscape I really don’t expect the average business owner to fully grasp. But there is one SEO technique that all business owners should know which is going to save a hell of a lot of pain, anguish and worst of all lost money and rankings down the track.seo_techniques

Make sure that you are prepared for the long haul. Whilst this may not be a physical, actual technique that you can see and do, this is a mind set and is probably the most important aspect of any SEO campaign.

OK, if this is not a technique and not something that you can implement yourself how on earth is this an effective SEO strategy. Well the answer is simple and something that needs to be understood. SEO is a long term process. It is not something that you can start, stop, and have a brisk, immediate and hurried approach to. This attitude is what is going to work and over time what is going to rank your website. Again, not a technique but a demeanor, a perspective a mid set that you MUST come to grips with. I have seen far too many websites get penalised on Google and rankings disappear overnight when this approach is not adopted and embraced.

So, why does it matter how fast or how slow it takes to rank a website on Google? The ramifications of speedy rankings are massive. Why? Cause Google has implemented sophisticated algorithms that can detect if your website is trying to manipulate its page rank and once you are pinged, its game over. If you think that you are not vulnerable to this and that your business or website is far too important for this to happen to, then think again. Google takes no prisoners and if there is even the slightest hint that you have tried to speed up your organic ranking you are stuffed. They have teams of people ( literally hundreds of them) all monitoring what’s going on and believe you me they will see anything that looks even remotely spammy.

This is why it is of paramount importance that you respect what your SEO company has to say when they tell you that it might take up to a year to rank for certain keywords. This time can be compounded when you are looking at ranking in a niche that is particularly competitive with very high search volumes.

Think: travel insurance, home loans, cosmetic surgeons, lawyers. All of these keywords are super competitive and would need a long time to rank for. Let me add that if you have a new website and expect to gain traction in this area – you better be in it for the long haul. I know this is certainly not what you want to hear and not ideal, but this is the new reality of SEO. In days gone by you could easily span your way to the top, with not a worry in the world. But, Google has woken up to this and there is zero chance of this ever happening again.


There are heaps of SEO companies out there who would be glad to take your money and give your website a sugar hit in the rankings. There is however a silver lining here. If you work with SEO Brisbane Experts you get to work with a team of SEO people that totally understand the timing when it comes to SEO and would never put your website in harms way. Why? Cause we are ethical, honest and are very protective of the clients we decide to work with.
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